On the 6th of September 2017 Catalan Parliament passed the Law on the Referendum on Self-determination of Catalonia. The Unionist Forces of Catalonia and the Spanish government were frontally opposed to the referendum and considered it illegal. Whilst the Catalan government was launching preparations, the Spanish Kingdom began a campaign based on judicial decisions that led to the closure of web pages, arrests of senior officials, confiscation of ballot boxes, ballot papers and marching thousands of police officers towards the Catalan region. Despite the Spanish crackdown several pro-referendum grassroots groups worked to celebrate it and demonstrations in the streets were growing under the slogan Votarem (We Will Vote). At the end, on first of October, the referendum was put on hold and more than two milions Catalan citizens deposited it's ballot papers to the polls notwithstanding the hundreds of wounded by Spanish police officers violence at polling stations.

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